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Trust Profile : The trust also destines to transform Yazali as a Model Village in Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh state in India.

Yazali - Naa Janma Bhoomi Village Development Society is established in 2010 by a group of social conscious villagers and social workers. Some of the founders had been involved in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. Hailing from Yazali (Yagnasthali - original name) village, they have been contemplating on how to give back to their own mother land.

During 2010, they came to know about some of the gruesome accidents in which boys belonging to their village lost their lives. To their utter astonishment, they came to know the reason behind those accidents was drunk and drive and rash driving and that too all of them were very young students of 10th class and Intermediate age.

On analyzing the situation in depth, they understood that their village needs a motivated and focused mentorship and comprehensive development. Thus, Yazali - Naa Janma Bhoomi took birth. As a not-for-profit organization, Yazali - Naa Janma Bhoomi aims to work for bringing upliftment for Yazali village in areas of agriculture, rural development, public sanitation, education, women empowerment, healthcare, wellness, rural rehabilitation, creating livelihoods, etc. The trust also destines to transform Yazali as a Model Village in the entire Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh state in India.

Vision and Mission Yazali

Naa Janma Bhoomi aims to transform Yazali village with comprehensive development for people to access better infrastructure facilities for their education, healthcare, empowerment, livelihoods, etc. At Yazali - Naa Janma Bhoomi, we dream to become a model village for wholesome progress not only in this region but also across India.

Our Volunteers

Governing body

S.No Name Designation Occupation Number
1 Gudia Bramhaiah President Business 9296507777
2 Puppala Prasadarao Vice President Business 9849083619
3 Dr.Maddala Vijay kumar Vice President Doctor
4 Lakkakula Venkatarao General Secretary Rtd.Bank Manager 7207408407
5 Muvva Venkateswarao Joint Secretary Sr.Manager Reddy Labs 8008556368
6 Tata Ramakoteswraro Joint Secretary Police departement 9296507777
7 Vaka Venkatarathnam Treasurer Rtd govt college Principal 9441941915
8 Lakshmi Naarasimharao Lision officer Software employee 9985426232

Executive Members

S.No Name Occupation Number
1 YAMPARALA SRINIVASA RAO Police Circle Inspector 9440796351
2 GUNDREDDI SRIHARI Business 9393732628
4 LAKKAKULA VENKATA RAO Rtd.Bank Manager 7207408407
5 IKKURTHI LAKSHMI NARASIMHA RAO Software Employee 9985426232
6 IKKURTHI NAGANJANEYULU Software Employee 09962115481
8 MADDINENI NAGARAJU Software Employee 09962541024
9 GUNDREDDI KOTESWARA RAO Business 9246494423
10 MAMIDALA SAMBASIVA RAO Business 9246494424
11 VAKA VENKATA RATNAM Rtd. Principal (Govt college) 9441941915
12 GUNDREDDI NAGESWARA RAO Business 09381036225
13 DAMARLA RAGHU RAMAIAH Bank Manager 9866709036
14 GUNDREDDI SESHADRI NAIDU Business 9246363366
16 UPPALA SWAMULU Degree College Principal 9866778673
17 P.C SAI BABA Lecturer 9963521857
18 IKKURTHI SITARAMAIAH Rtd. School Teacher 9347898538
19 PALA VENKATESWARULU Sub Inspector 9866170476
20 SURA SAMBA SIVA RAO Software Employee 9959963223
21 TATA RAMA KOTEAWARA RAO Police Department 9985610309
22 DAMARLA SURYA NARAYANA Farmer 9676741099
23 PASUPULETI SUBBARAO Farmer 9391551457
24 GUDISA BRAMAIAH Business 9394788138
26 PVV PRASADA RAO Business 9849083619
27 DAMARLA VENKATA RAMAIAH Rtd. Govt employee 9849257482
28 CHANDRAMOULI VISWAM RAJU Govt employee 9000458306
29 NADELLA SATYAPRASAD Software employee 09535530530
30 POTARLANKA GOVINDU(5000 paid) Software employee 8790750606
31 Pokaram soundaryavathi House wife 7207437665
32 M.V.Anand Babu Police department 9951584952
33 Muvva Venkateswarlu Manager,Reddy labs 8008556368
34 Mamidala Venkata Srinivasarao Station Manager,SCR 9703696627
35 L V RAGAVAIAH Govt Employee 9849382852
36 GUNDREDDY VEERASHEKARAO Business 9885653326
37 DAMARLA SATYANARAYANA Rtd. Govt employee 040-23328777
38 CH. MALLIKARJUNA SHARMA Manager,Margadharshi 8008771496
40 PARIMI SIVAIAH Rtd from SCR 9490121199
41 LAKKAKULA NARASIMHARAO(S/O VENKATARAO) Software employee 7207408407
42 IKKURTHI SEETAIAH Business 9948094664
43 RANGAVAJJVALA ANJANI DEVI School teacher 9441200469
44 Puppala Bullaiah Farmer
45 Yemineni Sudhakar Police department
46 Tati Rangarao Indian Army
47 Ikkurthi Siva koteswarao Software employee