Armyday celebrations in Yazali..15th Jan – 2016


The great Soldiers you are helping us we will also help you in return. We recognized the pain of the army families and around 17 people from yazali are working in army. Here is our support to you and your families we took a oath as,

“we will be as son of these families and help them whenever they require our help”

We distributed sarees to the wifes/the mothers of the 17 people. Hope will do many more events …..!!!!!!!!!!

“A big applause to all women…we never forget your contribution to INDIA”

“Behind every strong soldier, there is an even stronger braveheart –it’s women”

A women may be the mother, the wife, the sister, makes the soldier the strongest and bravest.

There is such a time in every Army wife’s life when her husband is in field tenure, foreign posting or on exercise. She double up as both father and mother to her children. She have to manage everything on her own. Even if she want to express about her problems to her faraway husband on the phone, she may not do it because she feel he shouldn’t be bogged down by her worries. He needs peace of mind to do his duties well, amid difficulties and danger. She know he is a soldier first and a husband only next. Then there is always the fear looming at the back of her mind over her husband’s safety. There is the inevitable long wait for his safe return, which is a test of patience.

*************************************************Once again salute to the brave women of Yazali*************************************************************

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