HERO OF THE QUARTER – A Marginal farmer who made difference in lives of 300 farmers

Here goes the story of a man who changed the phase of Yazali and brought a new life to the farmers in the village. Chintala Madhana Seetharamiah , a farmer from Yazali is like every other villager until he made the mission possible. He is the man behind the mission of 350 acres lift irrigation scheme ‘Yazali – 2’. He proved again that all you need is commitment but not degrees to make impossible possible. When you are determined, even your economical status doesn’t stop you to dream big.

Seetharamiah is from a middle class family who chose to be a farmer after schooling.His mission for Yazali started in 2010. He ran behind many officials and departments for all the permissions to get the lift irrigation scheme sanctioned . He never gave up walking to the Revenue department for approvals for more than 100 times. It took 3 long years for the entire process and 1.5 years for the construction of the scheme . And he was the man who was behind it with extreme patience and determination. Despite his average economical status he has spent thousands from his pocket to ensure that no process is stopped.

As they say, heroes are born not made; Seetharamiah has proved the world that education and economical status are not obstacles to aim high. His continuous efforts have brought a new life to YAZALI. And today with immense pride, Yazali NA Janmabhoomi trust awards him the “HERO OF THE QUARTER” award. This award is just a token of appreciation and recognition for us remarkable efforts.

Thank you for laying a great path and being an icon of inspiration for many. You are truly a hero and YAZALI is proud to own you!!

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