A) Alumni Association : There are four Primary Schools and a High School in Yazali village. We have established an Alumni Association and inculcated give-back-to-society outlook among alumnus. We are happy to share that our Alumni Association has been the main backbone for all the initiatives taken up by Yazali - Naa Janma Bhoomi. We have been getting continuous support for our organization both in cash and kind.

B) Amazing Academic Performance : We have proved again!!! This time we achieved 100% first class in SSC examination. We can say we have transformed our schools from caterpillar stage to butterfly stage. Exactly, 10 years back:

  • There were times when the school had hardly twelve students appearing for Tenth Class Public Examination and many parents were not willing to admit their children in the school.
  • The commitment levels of the teachers were also very low due to various reasons leading to indiscipline and disinterest.
  • The drop-out levels of children transiting from Fifth to Sixth class, i.e. from Elementary School to Secondary School, were also very high because parents were thinking that sending children to a school located in a village away from their habitation was not rewarding and didn't result in quality education.
  • Until recently, the school had neither a library, nor a laboratory nor a playfield.
  • Parents were apprehensive of sending their children to higher classes fearing insecurity for girls, distance involved in travelling, safety of the students, etc.
  • The only two parameters to gauge the student's ability of learning were the results of seventh class and tenth class, in which Yazali ZP High School was below the district and state averages.
  • There were certain batches during the 1970s and 1980s when all the students who appeared for tenth class public examination had failed, throwing the image of the school into deplorable levels.
From there, a group of highly concerned old students has decided to come together and transform the then existing conditions in order to make the school stand where it is today.

C) Focused Coaching and Grooming : Through our trust, we have engaged a group of tutors to provide free Tuitions after school hours. Basically this tuition classes helped students in getting more focus on Science and Mathematics subjects for better academic results. We have also brought prominent personality development exponents and trained students on various aspects of life, competition spirit, time management, presentation skills, interview skills, extempore, communication skills, stress management, career guidance, etc.

D) Infrastructure and Teacher Support : Through, Yazali - Naa Janma Bhoomi, we have been supporting schools to have better and student friendly infrastructure. We have established well equipped dedicated labs for Science and Computers. Currently, we are developing an exclusive Digital Library with all audio visual equipment like LCD Projectors, online bank of journals and magazines. We also engage private and qualified teachers to teach certain subjects where ever we find the school lacking expert teachers.

E) Sports Development : We firmly believe that sports and games help students not only to acquire sportsmanship but also bring laurels for the school in sports competitions. In this direction, we have been offering the following:

  • Sports Diet
    We have been providing Special Sports Diet for Sports team under the guidance of sport nutritionists.
  • Sports Coaching
    We engage Sports Coaches for training students exclusively in their interest of Sports and Games.
  • Sports Competitions
    We conduct Sports Competition during every Pongal and Dasara and encourage students with prizes and mementos