Health And Wealthness

Health & Wellness

At Yazali - Naa Janma Bhoomi, we strongly advocate for health and wellness among Yazali villagers. In this direction, we have been doing the following programs and projects:

A) Medical Camps :
We conduct mega health camps in the villages at least once in 3 months. At these camps, we engage doctors from different specializations. These camps enable villagers to avail effective doctor consultation, free checkup, free medicines and support for follow-up care.

B) Primary Health Center :
(PHC) Recently, our village got Primary Health Center from Government. We are working towards making this facility fully operational with qualified doctors, supporting staff, equipment and medicines.

C) Health Passport :
We are working on a unique concept called Health Passport for all villagers. As part of this project, we intend to develop an online application to keep track of all medical case histories of villagers. This application, once operational will be given access to all healthcare workers, doctors, pharmacies, etc. to get all previous health problems of each passport holder. Each of the villager, will be issued with a Health Passport with identity and a book to keep track his doctor prescriptions, medicines list, medical reports, diagnosis reports and scanning reports, etc.

D) RO Water Plant :
We have already constructed a RO Plant in the village. People now can buy 20 Liters of water just for Rs. 4/- which is very cost-effective. We are also planning to provide door delivery system soon.

E) Water Harvesting :
We are encouraging villagers to practice water harvesting. We are developing Water Harvesting Pits at residences with 50:50 Partnership basis (i.e, half of cost of water harvesting pit will be sponsored by our Trust while half of the amount has to be spent by house owner). We are also developing Water Harvesting systems are all public roads and spaces. Thus, we intend to preserve ground water levels within the village.